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What to Wear


  • Avoid changing to a new hairstyle prior to your session. Often changes don’t turn out as expected.
  • Hair spray can help tame those stray hairs that can ruin a good photograph.
  • The photographer is not a hair stylist and will not know how you usually like your hair to be styled.
  • It is your responsibility to look in the mirror while still in the dressing room.
  • Check yourself closely before going into the camera room.


  • The Redness from sun will photograph. Do not take excessive sun days before the photo session.
  • Peeling is a problem that is hard to correct. Coupled with red skin, it becomes an even more severe problem. Retouching can help to correct this problem, but it will be at an additional charge.
  • A suntan is a great summer look in a photograph but with that comes strap marks. Thinking ahead you can vary the type of top you wear and prevent the problem.
  • Tan lines can be corrected but it is an additional retouching charge.


  • A blemish should not be a reason to cancel an appointment. Retouching is available.
  • Concealer and powder together work miracles on covering blemishes, boys included.
  • If you have an oily complexion, powder is a must. A matte finish is what you are looking for. It photographs much better.


  • Glass glare can ruin a great photograph and sometimes glass will distort your eye shape.
  • If possible, visit your eye doctor and ask to borrow a pair of empty frames to be photographed in.
  • A non-reflective lense works great!- If you must bring your glasses, if at all possible, remove the lenses for your session.


  • Don’t worry about braces showing because with technology today they can be removed in your finished portrait. This is an extra charge, but isn’t as costly as having your orthodontist remove them for your photo session.
  • We suggest that you smile, don’t worry about braces, evaluate your photographs and then decide which ones to have corrected.